Bjørn was stuck for three weeks

After almost a month of frustration and fear, the bear in Florida was finally able to get its head out of the plastic box.

The bear was first seen with the plastic box upside down in Collier County, located in the south of the state.

This is stated by employees at Florida Fish and Wilflife opposite CBS News.

But after being seen twice, the bear disappeared. And it would be over three weeks before it was seen again.

Probably a food container

After one month, the 250-kilo female bear was observed on a surveillance camera, still with the plastic box on its head.

The videos are published on Facebook-siden til Florida Fish and Wildlife.

In the post, they say that traps were set up around the area where the bear was caught by the cameras.

With the help of a bear biologist, he was reassured before removing the plastic from his face.

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– We think it was part of an automatic animal reserve, due to the hole near the bear’s mouth. Fortunately, the bear gained access to water and food through the hole, writes Florida Fish and Wildlife on Facebook and continues:

– Even after 28 days of use, the bear was still in good physical shape!

Praise in the comments field

The female bear was treated with antibiotics and had the wound cleaned. After a day and a half of observation, she was released in a safe area in the Picayune Beach State Forest.

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At the time of writing, the Facebook post that tells about the rescue operation has been shared over 700 times. In the comments field, those involved in the rescue operation are praised.

– I’m so glad someone saw the bear and called for help. Thank you all for helping the animals, writes one below the post.

Even those who are not so fond of bears are happy that everything went well.

– Even though I dislike them in my litter every week, I love these bears and am very happy that it was saved, comments another.

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