Blabbering?: Dieter Bohlen's girlfriend makes surprising suggestions


Berlin –

He finally dared?

Although Poptitan Dieter Bohlen (64) meets his Carina Walz (34) for twelve years and has two children together, she has not yet married the woman by his side. Or is it?

Currently a post on the Instagram account of the DSDS juror foresees fierce speculation.

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Instead of "Dieters Tagesschau", "Carinas Tagesschau" was published on his profile on Wednesday. "Today Dieter is free and I take delivery #dieterstagesschau! Write me, your Carina", is under the video.

Carina takes over Dieter Bohlen's account

In this, the 34 year old talks about his duties and his working day. As a "woman in the background" she is in the office every day, runs the entire Dieter music publishing house and coordinates all the appointments. Because of "cremating in the stove" – ​​Dieter has a real woman in power at his side.

Amelie's mother (7) and Maximilian (5) is more than "simply" Dieter's girlfriend?

So far, the Poptitan has kept its private life as good as it came out of sight. Carina stammered now?

Commitment in the summer?

Because under the video there is the hashtag #myhusbandismyboss (in German: my husband is my boss) – and this is probably pretty clear. Already in the summer a wild speculation was made. During a visit to the restaurant, a suspicious ring sparkled on Carina's hand.

"I can do it in a romantic way," the 64-year-old told his followers in his story on Instagram.

So far, Dieter and Carina have not yet commented on the rumors. One thing is certain: his fans would be very happy for the couple.




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