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Blac Chyna says Tyga and Rob Kardashian "scoff" for having children


Blac Chyna says she never asked for children's support from Tyga or Rob.

When we talk about the drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, it seems that their differences will always exist. We were all confused when we initially connected. Rob was in a dark place at the time, gaining weight and apparently struggling with deep problems. They are no longer together today but it is not uncommon to see their names together in the headlines. Tyga and Blac Chyna though? It seems to have dissipated. Until now, that is.

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This week, the former stripper chose Instagram Live to express her frustrations, broadcasting both of her children's fathers. Now that he is spending time with Soulja Boy, his censor has actually been turned off (if he was ever there at the beginning). She claimed that her ex did not give her anything, noting that she never asked for child support. "I try to crush a dick, which I did," Chyna said. "But none of this comes out, it's just a bad shit with Chyna … I never wanted money from Rob because it's never been for that.

He continued to throw his mother under the bus, as well as his two famous ex. On Tyga and Rob, he said, "I have kids with two guys who fooled me or stuff like that and I do not care, no support for children, and I'm sick of that shit.

In another note, does anyone want to count how many times do you say "period" in this video?




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