“Black Desert MOBILE” a new professional female ninja pre-emptively starts to challenge the new road to glory Season 9 “BLACK DESERT MOBILE”

Produced and published by the Korean developer Jane AibisBlack Desert MOBILE“Today (20) announced a new career as the assassin of the moonlight, “Female Ninja”, will be available for pre-existing casts from now on. Adventurers can squeeze their faces and create their own new characters. To welcome the female ninja’s debut, there will be free female ninja development support products, including female ninja ancient equipment boxes, abyss jewelry sets and 5th generation pets and other rewards can be easily obtained.

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The female ninja is an assassination profession who is good at using shadow tactics. Using the main weapon short sword and auxiliary weapon Kunai, she can flexibly perform diversified ninjutsu such as exquisite physique and shadow, quickly break through the gap of the enemy, move quickly on the battlefield and deploy quickly attack. The new professional female ninja who arrives with a strong killing intent and a heart of revenge can get rich gifts from the first role creation today. Adventurers can now receive Swire equipment to prepare for the upcoming “Female Ninja”!

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In addition, the Road to Glory of the new Season 9 is also officially updated. As long as you complete the activity tasks, you can get badges and easily improve your combat effectiveness. In order to help adventurers easily develop a new experience, the Road to Glory Season 9 Memorial Store is also open for a limited time. Buy goods now!


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