Black enjoys returning to the field and wants to get closer to form before his knee surgery

Nine months after his second knee operation, Václav Černý returned to the field and as a substitute he intervened in two Twente matches in the Dutch league. The 24-year-old striker enjoys being able to play top football again and wants to get closer to last autumn’s excellent form. Černý’s next goal is to score a goal, ideally this weekend.

He played the final seven minutes against Sparta, and managed another half-hour with another Rotterdam opponent, Feyenoord. “Since they have artificial grass in Sparta, we didn’t want to risk more than a few minutes. It was a great moment that I came back to the lawn after such a long time, but for me it counts mainly last week against Feyenoord. I’m glad I’m back , “ said Černý in an interview with ČTK.

In Sunday’s league duel with Go Ahead Eagles, he says he will manage the half. “The next goal is to score a goal next time and gradually direct it to 90 minutes. If I manage to play a little more over the weekend, then after another agreement with the physiotherapists, I could be ready for the whole match within three weeks,” Black approached.

Before his injury to Twente in January, he scored six goals and seven assists in 17 games. Last year, he was also nominated for the national team A-team and started in the November matches with Germany and Slovakia.

“I want to be the most important player for the team until the winter break. I will want to get closer to where we were before the injury after the new year.” said a native of Příbram.

During his convalescence, he was also helped by the experience of cruciate ligament surgery in the second, right, knee from December 2017. “I knew what I was getting into, that it would have peaks and falls, which was confirmed. Again, I showed that it’s all about how much I wanted and what he was able to do for it.” said Black.

Another impetus for him was when Twente bought it after a guest visit from Utrecht in August. “I would still look mainly on my knee and myself, but it was something I wished for and it came true. For such peace of mind and the rest of the training, it was definitely positive,” Black admitted.

He doesn’t think at all that he has both knees operated on. “I just enjoy playing football at that level again. I know what I’ve been fighting for for nine months and I’m not going to spoil it by having both knees operated on. Fortunately, I’m just missing my condition so far, otherwise I’m fine.” stated the former Ajax player.

After many years in the Netherlands, he has a Czech teammate. Midfielder Michal Sadílek came to Enschede in August to host PSV Eindhoven. “We both came across the Czech Republic for the first time in the club. It’s definitely nice and I’m glad that Míša is here. I think Twente is a very good step for him and it’s great for us to have such a player,” said Black.

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