Black Friday 2021: when it starts, dates what day it is, hours and when it ends

The most important date for consumers in this third quarter of the year is the ‘Black Friday’ O ‘black Friday’. The Friday, November 26, shoppers will find succulents deals on many of your favorite products and many people will take advantage of the Christmas shopping.

However, although the official day has to be Friday, many companies extend offers ahead of and behind this date. In this sense, the most common is that prices remain low throughout the weekend, until Sunday, November 28. Also, some establishments or department stores begin sales on Monday 22 of that month so your customers have more time.

It is such an important event for consumers and businesses that some brands are preparing and have already begun to prepare. It is the case of Media market, that on its website has activated the countdown to this day in which it ensures there will be “discounts and offers in which we will make history together, thanks to the discounts and offers more impressive in your favorite brands ”. Too Amazon has notified its clients about the arrival of this date:

Amazon It has not wanted to be left behind either in the premature advance that announces the arrival of Black Friday. The American company has shared: “Black Friday Week 2021: take advantage of our exclusive offers of Black Friday (November 26, 2021) ”.

Origen del Black Friday

The term Black Friday was born in Philadelphia, United States, where the police used it to describe the heavy traffic of people and vehicles that crowded the streets of the city the day after Thanksgiving, causing the robberies and riots in which the agents had to intervene. Hence, the offers are carried out the day after this American holiday.

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However, the American establishments They took advantage of the enormous traffic of the city to stay open, even if festive, and thus sell what was left in stock at lower prices usual. With the passage of time, this practice spread throughout the country under the name of Black Friday and ended up reaching the rest of the world, becoming the date that gives I start the Christmas shopping season.

On Spain, the first business that dared to launch this campaign was Media market in november 2012. Until that moment, the Trade Regulation Act of 1996 prevented its implantation, since it established that there could only be two periods of annual sales: a beginning of the year and close to Summer Vacation, with a minimum duration of one week and a maximum of two months. Subsequently, the Royal Decree-Law 20/2012, of July 13, liberalized commercial activity and Media Markt took the opportunity to join Black Friday. Since then, the main stores and department stores have been joining this initiative.

‘Cyber Monday’

It should also be noted that consumers should not worry if they lack time to make their purchases during the last weekend of November, since there is also ‘Cyber ​​Monday’ or ‘cyber Monday’, celebrated on Monday after Black Friday, in this case the November 29th. As its name suggests, it focuses on the offers of businesses through the internet

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