Black Friday: a 500 GB PS4 bundle with Spiderman for € 249


The Sony PS4 is the most popular gaming console in the world and is on sale for the Black Friday week. For a few hours, it was found for sale on Amazon that decided to start the discounts Monday to midnight. In this case, a package that includes the PS4 500 GB and the Spiderman game is available for € 249. To make a comparison, the 500 GB promotion console is sold for € 299.

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Note that 2 other promotions on PS4 are available on Amazon:

These sales are limited in time and available stock. If you want to buy a game console, now is the time to enjoy it.

The Sony PS4, in the best Black Friday bestseller

The Sony PS4 is very clearly among the 15 best sellers of Amazon France, and is the dealer who made it official after the previous edition of Black Friday. The accessories and games of the famous console are also present in the most famous commercial products every year.

Amazon remains the merchant of reference for this week of Black Friday, and counts far better than last year. He had proposed 800,000 promotional products at the time, and he then announced that he had sold 2 million packages on Black Friday Day. Starting the cuts long before this year, he could reach a new record. Last year, the e-commerce giant announced that it had sold 1400 items per minute.

If Amazon is obviously a giant of online commerce, its competitors are generally very competitive even on game consoles like the PS4 for Black Friday. In this case, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and Boulanger generally seduce players with packages that save between 20 and 30% on consoles with games and accessories.

For Sony PS4, Black Friday offers promotions on consoles, games, controllers, an annual subscription to PlayStation Plus and virtual reality headsets – PlayStation VR. You'll find it during the week of Black Friday and up to Cyber ​​Monday. If you wanted to please, or if you wanted to give a Christmas present on the subject, it's time to enjoy it. We must also pay attention to the stocks available on each of the promotions, sometimes they run very quickly.

Below, the offer on PS4 and the Spiderman game on Amazon:

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82 million gaming consoles sold worldwide

In a statement from the parent company, we learn that the game console has already sold over 82 million copies since its release, and the Japanese giant hopes to reach 96 million units sold at the end of this fiscal year. It should therefore logically exceed 100 million units in the next year.

With this performance, the PlayStation 4 is establishing itself as one of the best gaming consoles. For now, it remains 157 million units sold of the PS4. In contrast, the PS4 had sold 86.9 million copies. The fact remains that the Sony PS4 is far ahead of its rivals as long as it is the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4 continues to be a success

In this case, even if they will be on sale for Black Friday, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch will never exceed the PS4 records in the short term. The Microsoft gaming console has sold 40 million copies, while the Switch has sold 20 million copies in just over a year. In short, the Sony PS4 still has a good margin in advance and this promotion for Black Friday will only help it to strengthen its position.

Today, the PS4 500 GB is on sale for € 249 with the Spiderman game. You can find all the details of this operation directly on the official Amazon merchant site:

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