Black Friday: food and hygiene items take space on cell phones – Economy

This year’s Black Friday, scheduled for Friday (26), will have the participation of segments of the economy that used to ignore the date. The Covid-19 pandemic is responsible in part for the change, also driven by the advance of poverty in the country.

The flagships of the period, electronics, are arriving expensive in Brazil because of the high dollar. When they land here, after all, there is also a lack of supplies and parts to assemble the products, due to the reduction in the activities of the Chinese industry, a reality imposed by the security protocols against the new coronavirus.

At the same time, fired the inflation, a population lost income it’s the unemployment in Brazil it remains at very high levels.

In an internet search, it is noticed that the major brands in the national retail trade have advertisements for food and cleaning products on sale. Offers of cell phones, tablets and appliances, which previously reigned practically alone, now share space with those of food baskets, chocolates, cleaning products and clothing items.

“There has been a change in the profile of Black Friday over the years”, says the economic advisor at Fecomércio-SP (Federação do Comércio de São Paulo), Kelly Carvalho.

“She was very focused on electronics and household appliances, as is the case in the United States, but companies began to see in the period the opportunity to move cash and get rid of inventories left over from the rest of the year.”

Kelly also claims that electronic devices, after they are purchased, take a long time to be replaced, which has stimulated the entry of other niches in the dispute for consumer attention.

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Offers of all kinds

The advisor at Fecomércio-SP says that the increase in poverty in the country will put first-need products on the circuit that did not appear on Black Friday before.

“Because of the pandemic, food will gain more space in promotions. We will see simple items and the basic food basket offered at a discount, as well as drinks, chocolates, hygiene products, cleaning products and various other daily use goods”, explains the economist at Fecomércio-SP.

Virtually all major supermarket chains and department stores come with offers for food baskets.

Casas Bahia has on its website an offer of basic food baskets on Black Friday, with up to 14 interest-free installments with the brand’s card or in ten installments with other brands.

Mambo advertises, through the Free Market, offers of up to 50% in the price of frozen foods, butchers, dairy products and vegetables.

Gas, lingerie and Ferrari

With the price of gas soaring, Ultragaz promises a discount on the cylinder from Wednesday (24th).

It may also be time to buy medicine or personal care products. Droga Raia cuts up to 70% of the values, according to its website. Drogasil says that the children’s line can go out at half the price.

Clothing stores scramble to see who advertises the biggest discounts. Dafiti claims that some items can be sold up to 80% cheaper. Marisa, Hering and C&A speak at 70%.

Underwear will also be more affordable. Duloren advertises free shipping and 40% off. Loungerie promises bras and panties for up to 60% less.

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Loft, which works with renovations and property sales, also adhered to the date of promotions. On its website there are houses and apartments selected by the company with up to 30% discount.

Also in the real estate sector, construction company Gafisa discloses “real discounts and easier entry”.

The auto sector, which traditionally has a very low weight in the date’s negotiations, also saw a chance to reverse the losses that occurred during the pandemic.

The website Webmotors makes the Black Feirão, with the announcement of price reductions and facilities in financing various types of vehicles, including luxury cars.

Among them is a Ferrari 488 Spider, from 2019, for R$ 3,300,000. Despite the price being above the Fipe table, there would be the advantage of the possibility of payment in several installments and the delivery of the vehicle at home.


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