Black Friday Panasonic: up to € 900 reduction on LUMIX S5 packs!

On the occasion of Black Friday and until December 31, Panasonic is offering four new packs, including the LUMIX S5 hybrid camera with 24X36 sensor, plus two high-end lenses, all at exceptional prices!

When Panasonic makes hybrid and compactness rhyme, it doesn’t do things by halves. Even though the LUMIX S5 incorporates a 24.2 MP 24X36 full-frame sensor, it stands out with its surprisingly small size and weight. We will not describe in detail its many strengths, including the laboratory of Digital has already praised. Let’s remember the fundamentals anyway.

The LUMIX S5 handles low light admirably, thanks to the technology Double ISO natif, which significantly reduces digital noise when increasing sensitivity. Equally powerful, the new Contrast Detection AF provides rigorous tracking of the moving subject, including as it moves towards the lens. And for increased precision, AF detects faces and eyes, but also human and even animal shapes!

In addition, the S5 incorporates a mechanical stabilizer which offers a gain of 5 stops, and up to 6.5 stops if we graft a stabilized lens, the device automatically exploiting the double stabilization. Finally, the case offers an exceptional level of tropicalization, withstanding exposure to dust and splashing water without flinching.

A versatile hybrid in photos that excels in video

Obviously, the video takes advantage of all these refinements. The LUMIX S5 displays features worthy of professional cameras. Thus, the device samples videos in 4: 2: 2 in 10 bits, up to 4K format at 30 frames per second (i / s)! And up to 60 fps via an external recorder connected to the HDMI port. Likewise, it integrates V-Log and V-Gamut profiles, as well as the 5.9K RAW codec, for optimal management of high dynamic range video streams. Another asset for videographers, the S5 has a 4K anamorphic mode, for cinema rendering. To exploit the full potential of this formidable case, it is necessary to add quality optics.

No worries on this side, since the fleet of L-mount lenses, compatible with the 24X36 format, continues to expand. Nearly 15 models are already available from Panasonic, in addition to the thirty others, just as prestigious, developed by Leica and Sigma.

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4 images

The Panasonic LUMIX S5 hybrid camera in its works.

Moreover, between October 1 and December 31, 2021, you can benefit, for any purchase of the Lumix S5 naked or as a kit, from an additional year of warranty, which will bring the legal warranty to three years. You can even enjoy discounts of up to € 400 immediately after the purchase of a Lumix S5 kit and up to € 200 additional immediate discount for the purchase of an additional lens. The good news ? On the occasion of Black Friday, and until December 31, Panasonic is offering four new photography and video starter packs with the LUMIX S5 at a great price! Follow our presentation, to help you choose the pack that best suits your needs.

The LUMIX S5 + 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 + 50mm F1.8 pack at € 1,999 instead of € 2,899 (offer valid until December 31, 2021) *

Lumix S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 lens: versatility guaranteed

The amplitude of this zoom may seem limited and yet it is suitable for the vast majority of situations. The 20mm focal length is ideal for shooting landscapes, whether urban or natural, but also for proxyphotography, thanks to the minimum focus of 15cm. We tighten to 35 mm or 50 mm, and here are the dream magnifications to approach the street photo, the report or the group portrait. Finally, to get close to the subject without getting too close to it, while maintaining the natural perspectives, the 60mm is a precious ally. A lot of versatility in the end, for a tiny footprint (less than 9 cm long and barely 350 grams), despite the tropicalized design that protects the zoom from water infiltration, frost or dust.

Image of the Lumix S5 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 & 50mm F1.8 pack

LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 : un must have en focale fixe

For many avid and professional photographers, the 50mm F / 1.8 is the most versatile lens. First because this focal length is very close to human vision, then because its very large aperture allows handheld shots in low light, while offering extremely precise control of the depth of field. Add to that tiny weight and bulk and you will see why so many photographers favor this lens. It is also the best lens to learn about photography, and more particularly framing. To these incomparable advantages, the 50 mm adds tropicalization, and also benefits from the mechanical stabilization provided by the LUMIX S5. Here is the ideal couple for a photo outing in all lightness.

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The LUMIX S5 + 24-105mm F4 + 50mm F1.8 pack at € 2,599 instead of € 3,399 (offer valid until December 31, 2021) *

LUMIX S 24-105mm F4: an all-terrain zoom

Both wide-angle and small-telephoto, the 24-105mm is the zoom that can do almost anything, and does it very well. Equipped with mechanical stabilization, which is added to that of the LUMIX S5, it makes the use of the tripod completely accessory, unless you want to achieve exposures longer than one second. Thanks to its constant aperture at F / 4, it allows the realization of pretty background blur in portrait. And with its maximum focal length of 105mm, it’s also handy for shooting distant subjects, or sneaking everyday scenes. Especially since despite its beautiful amplitude, the zoom measures less than 12 cm long, which adds to its discretion.

LUMIX S 50mm F1.8

See above.

The LUMIX S5 + 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 + 85mm F1.8 pack at € 2,199 instead of € 2,999 (valid until December 31, 2021) *

LUMIX S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6

See above.

LUMIX S 85mm F1.8 optics for LUMIX S5 mirrorless camera

LUMIX S 85mm F1.8: perfect for portraits!

If only one lens had to be chosen for portraiture, it would be 85mm. This is indeed the ideal focal length for photographing a face without bringing the slightest distortion, while maintaining a sufficient distance not to intimidate or embarrass the person. But for the portrait to be perfect, the subject must stand out clearly from the background, which will fade into the softest possible blur. With its maximum aperture of F / 1.8, the LUMIX S85 excels in this exercise. The bokeh is admirable, especially since thanks to the 9-blade diaphragm, the background light spots appear perfectly circular.

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In addition, the optical formula has been developed to greatly limit chromatic aberrations. But it would be a shame to keep this perspective only for portraits. It is indeed a great tool for approaching street photography. The shallow depth of field and the long focal length allow for original, and often striking, shots. Especially since the F / 1.8 aperture, coupled with the stabilization of the S5, allows you to take long exposures by hand, and therefore to photograph the city at night, just lit by artificial light.

The LUMIX S5 + 20-60mm F3.5-5.6 + 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 pack at € 2,799 instead of € 3,599 (valid until December 31, 2021) *

LUMIX S 20-60mm F3.5-5.6

See above.

LUMIX S 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 : un zoom compact et performant

What if we prolonged the pleasure, as much as the excellence? The LUMIX S 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 is the perfect complement to the LUMIX S 20-60mm (supplied in the kit and shown above) for all photographers who want to think outside the box. To capture wildlife, freeze a sporting action, capture a portrait discreetly, photograph an inaccessible detail, nothing like a wide-amplitude zoom. The concern is that these beautiful optics are often heavy and at higher magnifications it is difficult to maintain flawless sharpness freehand. But not with the LUMIX S 70-300 mm. The Zoom is indeed less than 15 cm long and weighs only 790 grams, despite the tropicalization and the presence of 17 lenses divided into 11 groups. But above all, it has mechanical stabilization, which is added to that of the LUMIX S5, which allows a record gain of 6.5 stops! The use of the tripod becomes unnecessary in most situations, including wildlife photography.

And don’t forget that you benefit from an additional year of warranty until December 31 for any purchase of one of these four LUMIX S5 hybrid packs with optics. Immediate discount offers welcome for those who want to change equipment or, more simply, have fun at Christmas with a brand new Lumix S5 – and its lenses -!

*The distributors mentioned are free of their pricing policy.

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