‘Black Hawk’ helicopters will arrive in Latvia; citizens are asked not to worry

From Monday, July 13, to July 20, continuing ASV operation “Atlantic Resolve”, about 10 US will arrive in Latvia “Black Hawkhelicopters to strengthen regional security and demonstrate US presence in the region, Delfi informed Ministry of Defense Major Sandra Brāle, Senior Reporter of the Press Division of the Military Public Relations Department.

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U.S. troops with 60 Black Hawk helicopters will arrive from La Rochelle, France, and be stationed at military bases in Latvia, Germany, and Poland.

As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, soldiers of the 101st U.S. Air Force, who, with the support of helicopters UH-60 “Black Hawk”, will perform service duties at the National Armed Forces Air Base in Lielvārde, will train together with the National Armed Forces and NATO expanded presence of battle group soldiers, as well as participate in military exercises. It is planned that this rotation will stay in Latvia for nine months.

After Russian performed Crimea annexation in spring 2014 and aggression Ukraine in the eastern United States launched the training operation “Atlantic Resolve”.

The purpose of the operation is to reaffirm the United States’ continued contribution to the collective security of NATO members by promoting peace and stability Baltic countries and Poland. The operation is also deployed in Romania and Bulgaria.

In connection with the rotation of the US operation “Atlantic Resolve”, helicopters will move from 13 to 20 July.

National armed forces calls on the public to be sympathetic to overflights of military aircraft

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