Black sweat from Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, opaque press conference in Washington

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer in dark sweat. (YouTube The Independent).

Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for outgoing US President Donald Trump, became a trend on social media after a black liquid dripped from his head during a press conference on November 21.

Apparently the lawyer had recently dyed his hair, turning the beads of sweat that ran from his head down his temples and cheeks black.

At the press conference, Trump’s lawyers would unveil “a very clear and viable path to victory” for the presidency, since the Republican continues to refuse to acknowledge the victory of his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, who closed with 306 votes elections at the end of the count.

“What I am describing to you is massive fraud. It’s not a small thing, “Giuliani said, while complaining about the” so dishonest “coverage by the media.

However, the lawyer’s arguments in his speech from the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington were overshadowed by his black sweat, which did not go unnoticed by the media or by netizens.

“It looked like it was starting to melt,” said The New York Times, which consulted several hairdressers in Manhattan, who agreed that the dark liquid “was not hair dye.”

According to some of those consulted by the prestigious media, the liquid could have been mascara or a touch-up pencil for the sideburns.

“The sideburns are grayer than the rest of the head,” Mirko Vergani, creative director of color at a salon in downtown Manhattan, told the newspaper, adding that you can “apply mascara to touch up the gray side a bit.”

The previous press conference starring Giuliani on November 7th also gave something to talk about for the wrong reasons, since the headquarters were mistaken for an elegant hotel, when in reality it was a gardening company’s parking lot in front of a sex shop.

The campaign of the projected winner of the elections, Joe Biden, spoke about this press conference, which he described as a “spectacle”.

Michael Gawin, a spokesman for the campaign, indicated that the wheel only proved how “absurd are the completely discredited allegations of Donald Trump.”

“Numerous courts, election officials from both parties, and even officials within the Trump administration itself, have reaffirmed that allegations of voter fraud are categorically false,” he noted.

In fact, Trump’s lawyers have admitted it in court documents and under direct questioning by judges. No matter how hard Trump and Giuliani try, they cannot override the will of the American people, who elected Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States, “he said.

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