Black Thursday! Czech clubs fell by four places in the ranking

Weakness. The Czechs scored two points for two draws in the Conference League. Slavia played 2: 2 with Feyenoord Rotterdam at home and Jablonec broke up amicably with Alkmaar 1: 1. At the same time, both domestic representatives did not maintain the lead. Sparta remained without a point, losing in the European League in Glasgow with the Rangers 0: 2.

The ranking of national coefficients thus changed immediately. Four countries ahead of the Czech Republic – Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Denmark, which until recently lost about two points.

The ranking is still extremely balanced, with six countries ranking 0.35 points.

The profit in the ranking is divided by the number of representatives of the country in the cup season, in the Czech case five. Pilsen and Slovácko have already dropped out in qualifying. The Czechs therefore played 0.4 points in the rankings on Thursday. Surprisingly, Jablonec scored the most points in the cup year. For a real hope for 15th place, they need at least two teams to pass to the spring elimination phase. All three Czech teams still have a chance before the last round of groups in December.

The Czech teams did not reach the elite fifteen after last season and in the year 2022/23 they will have only four representatives in the cups after a long time. Three of them will go to UEFA league competitions, one from the home cup. Only the champion will play the qualification of the Champions League, the remaining three will face the Conference League formed this year.

In the current season, Czech clubs are trying to return to 15th or better place, they are playing for the 2023/24.

Battle for the key 15th place
14. Switzerland 28,675 2/4
15. Greece 25,950 2/4
16. Turkey 25,900 3/5
17. Cyprus 25,875 2/4
18. Denmark 25,775 4/5
19. Croatia 25,650 1/4
20. Czech Rep. 25,600 3/5
21. Norway 24,750 1/4
22. Israel 23,875 2/4
The fraction indicates how many representatives continue / how many have started the season.


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