Blackened and darkened (daily newspaper Junge Welt)


On the complaint. Ilka Brecht from “Frontal 21”

Eight bulging folders are presented to the audience by »Frontal 21« presenter Ilka Brecht. The ZDFMagazine had to complain about the release of the files. The Federal Motor Transport Authority, which believed that the diesel scandal could be solved by means of a software update, did not want to provide any information. Now the information is available, but you can not read it, because of more than 5,000 pages, only 27 are not blacked out. The magazine will now complain again. The journalists were more successful in the case of the election support of the AfD by the Association for the Rule of Law and Civil Liberties and its mass distribution Special Edition, A mail proves what the party denied so far: that they had at least in North Rhine-Westphalia very well aware of the distribution and the advertising sheet targeted use. Ulrich Müller of Lobby Control sees it as an illegal campaign donation. The Bundestag administration is examining the case. (Row)


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