– Bladder burst – ended up in a coma

Father-of-two Connor Pleasance (26) from Yorkshire in England became so ill at the beginning of June that he decided to go to the emergency department.

He was sent on to the doctors at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. There it was quickly discovered that he had pneumonia and that his gallbladder was ruptured.

The local newspaper reports Yorkshire Live.

The 26-year-old remained in hospital for two weeks. In the end, he was allowed to go home to his partner Jade (23), Grace (5) and five-month-old Beau.

Not long after, Connor became ill again.

Induced coma

If there is a suspicion of a ruptured gallbladder, patients are usually operated on immediately.

If a longer time has passed or the patient cannot tolerate an operation, it is added accordingly The joint catalogue a tube into the gallbladder so that the bile can be drained out.

When Connor was back at the hospital, the doctors did another examination of his gallbladder. The pneumonia was back and it was decided to keep him in the hospital.

MISSING: The daughter has made several drawings with small messages for her father. Photo: Jam Press/ Jo Pleasence
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Connor spent the next two weeks in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Then everything took a turn for the worse.

According to Yorkshire Live, the father-of-two’s condition suddenly worsened. In the end, the doctors had no choice but to put him in an artificial coma.

Bacteria in the lungs

The local newspaper reports that the doctors suspect bacteria from Connor’s gall bladder have attacked his lungs, and that this is the reason why he became acutely ill.

Jo Pleasance has been in the hospital since her son was admitted. She has no plans to leave until she can take him home with her.

ONLY CHILD: Connor Pleasance is Jo Pleasance's only son.  Photo: Jam Press/ Jo Pleasence

ONLY CHILD: Connor Pleasance is Jo Pleasance’s only son. Photo: Jam Press/ Jo Pleasence
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– It’s so scary. He has been in the hospital since he was moved here. Since then there have been no changes in his condition, she tells Yorkshire Live.

Since the mother cannot stay in the hospital, she has taken into a nearby hotel so that she can visit her son every day.

Pulmonary fibrosis

The doctors have told the family that Connor has pulmonary fibrosis. Parts of his lungs cannot therefore be repaired.

According to The pocket doctor Pulmonary fibrosis is a condition where inflammation and scarring occurs in the lung tissue. The more scar tissue in the lungs, the more difficult it becomes to breathe normally.

WARNINGS AGAINST SNUS: Christopher Scott took to Tiktok and warned against snuff after this happened to his teeth. Video: Tiktok @norwaychris. Reporter: Vegard Krüger
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The lungs also become stiff and less mobile, while the area used for gas exchange decreases.

– We hope parts of the lungs can be fixed. All we can do now is wait. He is really critically ill, says the mother.

Should wake him up

At this point, Connor is not breathing on his own, but with the help of an ECMO machine.

According to Oslo University Hospital ECMO is a lung machine that is used to relieve a failing heart or lungs.

Connor is currently not responding to the treatment. According to the doctors, it can take many days before anything can happen.

– They hope that his body will soon react. The plan is to wake him up slowly, the mother tells Yorkshire Live.

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