Blair did not rule out the federal order to implement the potential gun ban


OTTAWA – Minister for border security and organized crime reduction Bill Blair said the implementation of a national arms ban is still on the table and does not rule out issuing a federal order instead of legislation given the limited parliamentary time window.

In an interview with the CTV Question Period, Blair was asked if the ban on the gun the government had consulted was still on the table and, if possible, will be carried out before the next elections, or as part of the program of liberation. election campaign. He was also asked if it was something that was putting pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and if an Order in the Council, essentially an order recommended by the executive branch, could be a way to advance a ban.

Blair said that for him "there is no greater responsibility than the safety of our communities and the safety of our children" and that he believes "is an opinion shared by my government".

"I think there is no measure that I think we can rule out that it will legitimately contribute to greater security for our citizens," Blair said.

Blair was commissioned to study and consult a total ban on guns and assault weapons. After traveling around the country holding round tables and other public offices since 2018, the government reported last month that Canadians are biased to ban or limit access to assault-style guns and firearms.

Some anti-gun supporters have urged federal liberals to do more, especially in light of New Zealand's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, who leads his country in the implementation of the ban on semi-automatic weapons "in military style". This ban was in force a week after an armed man killed 51 people in Christchurch while he was attacking.

Trudeau was with Ardern in Paris to sign the "Christchurch Call" which saw social media giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter commit to doing more to prevent hatred, violence and extremist opinions being transmitted or organized on their platforms.

Blair said he "firmly believes" that "c & # 39; is more than we need to do" when it comes to the types of guns that have been used in this, and other attacks.

"There are weapons designed exclusively to kill people. Their intent and purpose is to be efficient in killing people, and we saw in mass murderers in Canada around the world that those weapons were used. for that purpose because they are efficient killing machines and I feel strongly that there is no place for those weapons in Canadian society, "said Blair.

"I believe that in this country there is a huge consensus that public safety is important, that we deserve to be safe in our communities and in our places of worship, and those weapons that have been used to kill so many people have no place in our society. "

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