Blanca Arellano: Juan Pablo Villafuerte pleads not guilty, but then breaks and admits to the judge that he lied

Juan Pablo Villafuerte takes the floor and pleads not guilty for the disappearance of Blanca Arellano. Facebook

contestant. John Paul Villafuertealleged femicide of the Mexican tourist white arellano, took the floor during his preventive detention hearing that takes place this Tuesday in the First Court of Huaura Preparatory Research.

After the intervention of Prosecutor Marcos Collantes —who presented more than 60 elements of conviction that support the requirement of nine months of preventive detention— and of his legal defense, Villafuerte confirmed his innocence and pointed out that the Public Ministry accuses him biasedly for being medical student.

With a broken voice, he indicated that the case has affected his family and the courses of study, Medicine and Biotechnology. “The fact that I join a union for having bleach and Pinesol in a bathroom does not make me a criminal. Every day I have to sterilize up to ten Petri dishes. The prosecutor accuses me discriminatoryly because I study Medicine [y que por eso] I can be a dismemberer,” he began his plea.

“I have collaborated since the police knocked on the door without providing any obstruction. I have been here for many days, I am not used to sleeping on the floor, of hanging out with seven criminals in a single cell, of using a bathroom with the door open to relieve myself, I am not used to spending three days without washing myself. (…) That’s why, I plead not guilty of this persecution,” he continued.

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Judge puts Juan Pablo Villafuerte in trouble who acknowledges that he told lies in his first testimonies. Facebook

When questioned by the Judge Galileo Mendoza, the defendant admitted that he lied about the days on which the disappearance and the alleged femicide occurred. He initially pointed out that he was not in Huacho in the first week of November, when the macho crime would have occurred; however, on this day he pointed out that he was indeed in that city.

“Yes, I was there on the days of the events that are imputed to me, Mr. Judge. Mrs. Blanca has disappeared or been the victim of a homicide when I haven’t found her. I have arrived on Sunday November 6 to my room. I called Mrs. Blanca, there was an answer to the call, but not a voice on the other end. she had written down [el teléfono] on my Telegram platform,” he said, despite previously stating that this number was noted in an agenda.

Regarding the presence of human blood found by the experts on the mattress in his room, Villafuerte He said he did not know the reason for the traces, since the mat was “second-class” and it cost him 50 soles, so “possibly it came stained.”

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“That blood has been cleaned, I couldn’t see it when I got to my room. I have not verified that there were bloodstains. Those blood stains have been found on a mattress, I lay on that mattress that I bought used, ”she said.

Blanca Arellano case_ Remains found on a beach north of Lima belong to a Mexican tourist

John Paul Villafuerteinvestigated for the alleged crimes of femicide, human trafficking and organ trafficking, was arrested in the Lima district of Villa El Salvador last week.

The Public Ministry explained that Villafuerte, 37, is linked to the disappearance of the 51-year-old Mexican Blanca Arellano, with whom he had a relationship and who arrived in Peru on July 28 to meet him.

Investigations at his home found traces of blood, hair, women’s clothing, and a Mexican flag. The police chief of the Huacho Criminal Investigation Department, Elvis Baños, told RPP that the person being investigated evaded the questions and that after the interrogation he went to the capital.

The family of the missing person reported the case on November 7 because Arellano stopped communicating with them. His niece published on social networks that they lost contact after Arellano allegedly said goodbye to Villafuerte to return to Mexico.

Blanca Arellano Case
Blanca Arellano Case

On November 10, fishermen from Huacho found the remains of a woman on the beach. The day before, the authorities confirmed that they belong to the mexican tourist. The Minister for Women and Vulnerable Populations, Claudia Davila, He met with the Arellano sisters, who arrived in Peru because of the disappearance of their family member, and reiterated his support.

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“We have given them our full support; if they have some logistical requirements that they always need, any need they have regarding psychological support, legal support. We are following the case from the beginning,” Dávila said upon leaving the Mexican Embassy, ​​where the meeting was held.


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