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The new photos of Blanka Lipińska evoked a lot of emotions. The author of best-selling erotic novels showed how she plays with children in thongs. When asked about the shame, she replied, “They like it.”

The author of best-selling erotic novels with “365 days” screened last year, she went on vacation to warm countries. A few days ago she went with her closest family to the Maldives. While the autumn weather has already arrived in Poland, Blanka Lipińska and her relatives at the other end of the world are enjoying real summer weather.

Blanka Lipińska on the beach wearing only thongs

Blanka Lipińska continues to contribute to social media during her vacation. New photos and reports from hot Maldives constantly appear on her Instagram profile, followed by over 790,000 people. The latter aroused particularly strong emotions. The author of “365 days” has published a photograph in which she looks after the children almost naked your brother. After the publication of the above-mentioned frame, she received a question about shame from an internet user.

Controversial photos of the author of “365 days”

The photo in which Blanka Lipińska plays with children wearing thongs aroused some controversy. One of the female fans decided send a private message to the author of “365 days” on this matter.

Are you not ashamed of your bare breasts in front of your children?

She wondered.

36-year-old star she had no problem answering that question. She spoke on the forum by sharing a screenshot of the news on InstaStories.

I’m a little ashamed, but they like it. At least that’s what their mom says

– she said.

Besides, they also don’t wear bras with me #equality

– she added in the next slide.

Blanka Lipińska Blanka Lipińska

fot. Instagram / @blanka_lipinska

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