Blinken: We have real concerns about Russia’s actions in relation to Ukraine

The United States is genuinely concerned about Russia actions and statements concerning Ukraine ASV Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

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“We have real concerns about Russia ‘s unusually high level of military activity at Ukraine borders. “We have real concerns about some of the rhetoric that can be seen and heard from Russia, as well as on social media,” he told reporters during a visit to Senegal on Saturday.

Blinken added that the US allies understood this, but did not answer the question of whether US intelligence believes that the Russian president Vladimir Putin wants to deprive Ukraine of part of its territory.

“We do not know what President Putin’s intentions are. But we do know what has happened in the past. “he pointed out.

U.S. intelligence has warned the New York Times on Friday NATO Member States on the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, stating that there was little time left to prevent it.

According to the newspaper, the Kremlin has not yet decided on the use of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border, but their scale and composition raise serious concerns about the possible intentions of the Russian leadership.

According to Western sources, Russian army combat units and military equipment, including tanks, howitzers and Iskander missiles, have recently been deployed near the town of Pavlovsk in the Voronezh region of Russia.

Putin said on Thursday that the West was exacerbating the conflict in Ukraine by maneuvering in the Black Sea and carrying out bombing flights near Russia’s borders.

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