Blizzard announces a comprehensive LGBTQ+ program for Overwatch 2

Soldier 76 stands with a rifle over his shoulder.

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Today, Activision Blizzard announced three upcoming shows Monitors 2Competitive and normal scene. They aim to foster a healthy environment with a focus on the new and returning LGBTQ+ player base.

In a blog post titledSummons all heroes,” The Note and watch The team and competitive esports program Overwatch League (OWL) have announced that they will co-develop the game’s Defense Matrix, Challenge Cup and Caster Camp. Blizzard said the programs aim to “focus on equity, visibility and community support for underrepresented races.”

To ensure adherence to its mission statement, Note and watch The team has announced that it will be introducing a gameplay system called Defense Matrix. named after D.V.A. charge repellencyBlizzard said the program will act as a system to “protect the integrity of the game and encourage positive in-game behavior.” Monitors 2. “The way to do it can be a bit invasive because it will involve using the phone Under its new program SMS Protect.

“The defense array has been strengthened Note and watch“Enjoy the security and gameplay it offers with features like SMS protection, voice transcription, and an all-new user experience, to name a few,” Blizzard said in a blog post.

If you want to unsubscribe from SMS Protect, it looks like you won’t be able to play Monitors 2 Definitely. On October 4th, players on all platforms will be required to add their phone numbers to their Battle Net accounts in order to play. Monitors 2.

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In addition to announcing the Defense Matrix, Blizzard also unveiled two new LGBTQ+ programs called Challenger’s Cup and Caster Camp. In addition to cooperation with radianta production company that highlights “underrepresented races” Note and watch It develops the Challenge Cup, a competitive tournament that will run alongside it The Road to Prodevelopment competition Note and watch program under Competitors to watch.

“This tournament does not replace Path to Pro; rather, we hope it will serve as an entry point for underrepresented races to move into a broader spectrum. Note and watch The esports ecosystem, and we encourage everyone who is eligible to participate in both Challengers Cup and Path to Pro, Blizzard said in a blog post.

The Applications The first qualifying rounds of the Challenge Cup will begin on October 21.

Additionally, Caster Camp will feature broadcasters such as OWL Soe Gschwind And Mets “X kungs” Morello. The plan is for them to share the skills they have learned as professionals Note and watch Commentators from the LGBTQ+ community hope to develop their skills and network in the industry. The recording will be played from From September 30 to October 28.

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Nevertheless Monitors 2Coming soon on October 4th as a free-to-play game with everything you need f2p murgiIt’s commendable that a game developer doesn’t limit itself to simply stating that it’s pro-LGBTQ by referencing its gay characters and leaving it at that, especially given the high likelihood of its LGBTQ+ player base being dragged into a bigotry frenzy. The sequel to the hero prom shooter.

Seeing how its two main characters, Tracker And soldier 76 As a strong representation of LGBTQ+ gaming, it’s good that Blizzard at least understands that its player base might be in dire need of a blackout if a returning gaming fanatic were to return with a sequel. Although the jury is still out on whether SMS Protect works or not.

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