Blizzard has defeated one of the best botting tools

Blizzard scores a small victory against hackers and botters in World of Warcraft. One of the largest providers gives up and gives up.

Whether in World of Warcraft Classic or the commercial version of the game, bots are always a problem. Especially in Classic, many players can’t keep up with the reports. Characters soar through the air, teleport across the middle of the map, and mine herbs and minerals that the appropriate players are no longer available.

Now a major component for hackers and botters has likely been removed, because the EWT platform has stopped working.

What was EWT? EWT was a platform whose tools allowed users to make adjustments to World of Warcraft that were never intended. For example, users could “jump infinitely” and climb through the air or simply walk through objects. It was basically a gimmick. Along with other software, it has been used by many botters and hackers to farm materials, collect gold, and then sell them to players.

Bots are annoying, whether in retail or classics.

What happened? Blizzard has apparently submitted a “cease and desist” request, somewhat similar to a cease and desist. As reported by some WoW players on the game’s subreddit, there is now only the following message on the EWT page:

After Blizzard contacted me, I decided that EWT development, support, and sales would be discontinued.

Although it is a platform independent, EWT allowed the development of many tools that violated Blizzard user agreements. With the immediate shutdown of EWT services, these tools will stop working, at least not when operating on the EWT platform.

This will be the final official announcement and there will be no further comment.

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No more bots and hackers? Yes, definitely. EWT was only one major component, but there are many alternatives. However, EWT was considered one of the “big players” in the bot / hacking area of ​​WoW. That Blizzard has achieved success here is definitely a good sign. Perhaps there will be at least a few less scammers in the coming days and weeks, at least until they find an alternative.

Do you often have problems with bots or hackers? Or have you largely saved yourself by playing?

But some players have cool tricks up their sleeve against farmbots too.

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