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Blizzard game industry giant, which the Russian-speaking fans affectionately call "The Blizzard", continues to suffer defeat on all fronts. Blizzard Entertainment co-founder and former president Mike Morheim announced in October 2018 that he was leaving his position, but will remain a strategic advisor. However, filing an application with SEC Activision Blizzard this week shows that Morheim will leave the company permanently in April of this year.

The work of Morheim in the company as a strategic consultant will end on April 7, 2019, – Give Dotesports a quote from the declaration of resignation.

Now the company is led by J. Allen Brack, a longtime executive producer of World of Warcraft. Such a change of leadership marks the end of an era of the game giant – at least, the way we knew "The Blizzard". The turmoil in the leadership takes place against the background of the complete chaos in Activision Blizzard: the company has recently lost two senior executives: CFO Spencer Neuman and Amrit Ahuju.

Mike Morheim

Against the backdrop of such perturbations, as if out of spite, the announcement of Bungie that cease to collaborate with Activision Blizzard suddenly followed. The rights of the famous science fiction shooter "Destiny", the development company also takes them with him, but leaves the players with copies of them in According to the creators of "Destiny", they would not want all these breaks in relationships to affect the players. In turn, this announcement marks the end of a 10-year contract in 2010, when Activision helped Bungie launch its first project after Halo shortly after gaining independence from its former owner, Microsoft.

Today we announce Bungie's plans to take full responsibility for the Destiny franchise. In the future, Bungie will develop the series of games and Activision will pay more attention to its intellectual property. The PC version that runs through the Blizzard launcher will remain with the players, and we do not expect any interruption in the work of our services or gameplay, – confirmed the Blizzard company.

The problems that fell on the "Metelitsu" were not momentary and spontaneous. The tension between Blizzard and their publisher began after Activision's 2007 acquisition of Vivendi Games, which included Sierra Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment. Players have often noted that the quality of the World of Warcraft add-ons has since declined. In fact, the discussion about the possibility that the new addon is even worse than the old one has become a new Internet meme, and the phrase "WoW is no longer a cake", which was also often used in political news discussions and economic, acquired canonicity.

From the autumn of 2018, the exacerbation of problems in the company could no longer remain in the shadows and every secret became clear. Initially, Mike Morheim announced his resignation, then Blizzard suddenly announced the end of the cybersport support for Heroes of the Storm, and the announcement of the mobile version of Diablo was a ritual nail to the cover of the company's shares.

Also the ubiquitous gaming analyst Jason Schreier spoke on this subject, underlining that the cataclysm in the company was not an accident:

This has happened for many years. Activision and Bungie had a difficult relationship even before Destiny 1 was on sale. However, it has become an incredible news for those who love destiny and want it to flourish.

Schreier also conducted an in-depth investigation into Blizzard's problems, noting that the alarming demand was a rising cost reduction, indicating that the company had serious financial problems and a conflict of interest with the players. . While the previous leadership, led by Morheim, always focused on interesting and original games, never rushed to release them and made them lucid, the current leadership is mainly interested in sales and revenue. This explains the rather similar add-ons for World of Warcraft, the presentation of the mobile version of Diablo, the suspension of support for Heroes of the Storm and the emphasis of serious and exhausting fans on microtransactions. However, it is impossible to say that microtransactions have strangled the community: so far the Hearthstone card game is still quite popular.


According to Schreier, the company's problems began in 2013, when the next important addition to Diablo III was canceled. Everything else we are seeing now is only a consequence, not a cause.

Fortunately, Blizzard will stay afloat and survive difficult times. It's always hard to watch your favorite companies lose their fathers – the departure of the BioWare founders was a big surprise for the fans. But, as Anduin Wrynn said in "Warcraft": "Not in death, but in life our future, our happiness, our world, which we received as a gift from the fallen and we should love and appreciate this gift".


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