Blizzard on Diablo at BlizzCon 2018

Year after year, Blizzard has accustomed us to the disappointment in Diablo commercials, but this 2018 edition could remain particularly pungent in the collective memory of the fans. It must be said that with all the rumors circulating and the hopes that derive from it, many are waiting (not without reason) for a big announcement on 2 November.

The study understood it and decided to do it publish a disclaimer in which he once again affirms that he has several teams on different Diablo projects at the same time, but it is still too early to talk about them. It seems that the main event is the release of Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch and its demo on the stands on 2 November. It's not something that fans will like.

There is always the possibility that this is a bluff blizzard from Blizzard to create a surprise during the opening ceremony, but the chances of this happening are low.


Blizzard has unveiled the layout of the various stands and scenes of BlizzCon 2018 (Floor Map). In addition to its convenience for people on the spot, it can also be used to give some clues to the content that will come.

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