Blogger admired LADA Kalina with a 300,000-rubles audio system


You want to do well – do it yourself.

This is the simple rule by which the owner of an old LADA Kalina was driven, having decided to make serious changes to his car. He traveled to several car studios in his city, where he talked about his plans to install new interesting music in Kalina, however, the "masters" refused or broke too much money.

Therefore, it was decided to do everything independently and the blogger Mikhail Shchipakin explained that the LADA Kalina driver wanted to install an audio system in the car, whose total cost, with various modifications, was 300,000 rubles. Therefore, the music in "Kalina" will be more expensive than the "machine" itself, since the driver bought the car for 250,000 rubles.

"This beauty is gathered here by one's own hands", the driver shares the delights, explaining that within LADA Kalina there are 2 huge subwoofers, a powerful amplifier and 7 additional batteries – c & # 39; a incredible sound power margin in the "Kalina" the completely closed position began to vibrate and literally "walk with a jolt", risking to break from the hinges.

The owner of this "supersonic" LADA Kalina also admitted that he had to change the plastic and upholstery of the seats with more expensive ones to not worry about the fact that such a loud sound could damage the already fragile and hard plastic and not the best seats : collateral damage, and I didn't even think I was wasting my money, the car was definitely worth it, just listen to how it roars! "

The opinions of network commentators on this topic are divided. Some think that 300,000 rubles of music are "thrash" and kitsch, a waste of money, because you could buy a better car for this amount, but most Russian motorists are convinced that LADA Kalina with such an audio system will become desirable. Guests of various festivals and fairs: "With competence and in the smallest details, a great showcar".



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