Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse 2019: Where to see the show better – Guide


The moment has arrived tonight: lunar eclipse! But can the early risers watch the unbridled spectacle anywhere in Germany?

According to the German meteorological service, the chances of observing the lunar eclipse are greater in the middle of Germany, far from the mountains.

From Eastern Hesse on Thuringia to Saxony, it remains largely clear, apart from the cloudy fields that pass from time to time.

A little moonshit weather weather could ruin the weather. The qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung at BILD: "In the north, the odds are not so good and not in the south.This also shows the map for 4 am Monday morning.There are thick clouds on the coast and in Schleswig-Holstein on the snow clouds of the south. gray, otherwise it looks pretty good. "

Lunar eclipse course on January 21, 2019 - info.BILD

Moreover, according to experts, it becomes icy: "It only helps to dress warmly when you look out! Look better, where it is dark, so do not disturb the foreign light when you look up!"

Moon looks bigger than usual

A lunar eclipse can only occur at the full moon and only if the moon, the earth and the sun are exactly in line. The "Mofis" are rare, although every full day is 29.5 days. Most often the moon passes above or below the earth's shadow.

Also, on Monday mornings early, the moon will appear particularly large in the sky because it reaches its closest position to the earth a few hours before the eclipse (perigee). The distance from the earth is therefore only about 356 000 kilometers. In the most remote (apogee) position there are another 50,000 kilometers.



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