Bloodborne on PC has been around for years, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to play it

Practically since it was released, PC gamers have dreamed of the arrival of Bloodbornethe exclusive soulslike of PlayStation 4. Rumors of Yharnam’s arrival on computers are as recurrent as the disappointments of those who believe it, but did you know that there is a playable version of the title on our platform? And the worst, did you know that you will never be able to play it?

These enlightening and frustrating data come to us from one of the most well-known FromSoftware dataminers in the Anglo-Saxon world: Lance McDonald. The digital archaeologist of the Japanese study has uncovered that not only there is a PC Bloodbornebut it includes its expansion, and everything has been thanks to the files of some images in the wiki of the action RPG.

Thanks to the contributions of Marcos Domenech, a senior environment artist at FromSoftware, to the Bloodborne Fandom wiki, we now know of the existence of a complete executable of the game on computers. The photos shared by the artist, according to the dataminer, have the file name “SPRJ-win64”, something that shows that they were taken from the developer mode of the game on PC.

including detailed photos of the objects, McDonald talks about how these were taken with the title’s internal development chamber. Furthermore, by including objetos del DLC de The Old Hunters, This is the first time we’ve talked about a complete edition of Bloodborne, along with its expansion, running on PC. Lance McDonald claims to have seen the game running on Windows 7 computers before, but these were very early builds of the title dating back to 2014, very different from the one he has uncovered.

This, yes, does not mean that we are facing a commercial version of Bloodborne for PC as many of us would like to believe. In the case of files that have been languishing on FromSoftware’s servers and computers for years, it is very unlikely that we are talking about work put in to launch a port, but rather teams used for development from the PS4 version of the game. For now, what we have left is to dream and hope.

Sony will have a new direct: the PlayStation Showcase 2023

The perfect place to dream about a PC version of Bloodborne It is the PlayStation Showcase 2023, the next conference of the Japanese giant. Sony already has a date for its new exclusive “Direct”, and it will be before this year’s non-E3. If you want to see all the news from PlayStation, many of which will come to PC, you can do it next May 24.

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