Bloody bruises and scratches: The strong images that would demonstrate the tremendous beating that Alejandra Guzmán gave to Frida Sofía

It seems that the violent episode began after having been ingesting alcoholic beverages. The alleged evidence could be used in court.

Volatile and explosive. So it seems that it was actually the relationship that Frida Sofía has always had with her mother, Alejandra Guzmán. Proof of this are some shocking images that have been leaked on the web.

The speculations about the mistreatment received by Alejandra seem to be confirmed by some photographs in which Frida is seen with several bruises and bloody scratches.

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The controversial news was spread by the show program “Suelta la sopa”. And apparently the violent episode began after both were drinking alcohol.

According to international media, it happened in 2017. When both were in Las Vegas; and in fact it is assured that there are witnesses to that unfortunate moment.

It is also speculated that these images could be used in court by Frida Sofía’s lawyers to prove Alejandra’s guilt.

To this would be added some supposed audios that Frida would have sent after being attacked. These were sent to the manager of the rocker, who would be one of the witnesses; the other person who would have witnessed the event would be the makeup artist.

At the moment Alejandra Guzmán has not commented on the matter, but Frida seems to continue with her legal battle.

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More accusations

After Alejandra Guzmán said in the middle of an interview that her daughter, Frida Sofía, not only suffered from borderline personality disorder (BPD), but had also been treated for this condition for 8 years; his only daughter decided to fight back.

According to the Mexican entertainment journalist, Shanik Berman, Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter went to the psychiatric hospital this day to show that she does not have any type of disorder.

“At this moment Frida Sofía is in one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the world with experts to show Alejandra Guzmán that she does not have a borderline personality and that everything she has said is true, or is her truth, we will have news soon,” she said. Berman through his Instagram account.

After similar accusations, Alejandra Guzmán was seriously questioned by the community of People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or “Borderline”.

“We want to make public opinion that within the known symptoms of BPD, mythomania, or a tendency to lie, does not stand out. That most of the people who suffer from this personality disorder have a history of abuse in childhood, whether it be physical, psychological and / or sexual abuse, this being one of the factors that contribute to the development of this condition “, it reads in a strong statement.

They also emphasized that: “we point out and reject the use of our condition as” evidence “against statements of abuse, and we make public our support for Frida Sofía,” the community statement concludes. “


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