Blue blood exists, and it is not something for kings, you can have it too

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The blue blood It exists, yes. And not in kings, nobles or aristocrats. For a long time it was believed that “blue blood” were people of the RoyalsBut the reality is that there is no difference in your blood.

It is a term from the Middle Ages that is related to skin tone. Privileged people did not do work in the sun, they protected themselves from it. His white skin, through which his bluish-looking veins could be seen, was different from the darker skin that the working class had due to their long days under the rays. Even though the color of his skin might be different, the color that ran through his veins was the same.

It is also said that this was a myth, and that this idea was really born as a result of a wrong translation from texts by the Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus (2nd century). He referred to the emperors and kings of his time with the expression born of heavenly bloodWhat does it mean “born of heavenly blood“. The word celestial (relating to the sky) gave rise to confusion when it was changed in translations to celeste (a certain type of blue).

Whatever it is, the color of the blood of those who possess a title is the same as those who do not. However, blood with a bluish hue existsand anyone can have it.

The red color of blood is due to hemoglobin (protein inside red blood cells), which is responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues and organs of the body. People with blue blood have a type of hemoglobin in their blood, which for different reasons, does not transport oxygen as well. This causes his blood and parts of his body to turn blue, especially his hands, feet, or mouth (cyanosis).

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