Blue did not like it, was dismissed and continued with C-Nunuu, calling to apologize, thanking the fans who were worried.

Blue Phongthiwat is not impressed after being kicked out of a photo frame with a senior actor to Thanapob reveals that C-Nun New has called to apologize. Thank you fans for your concern.

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young actor Blue Phongthiwat Tangwancharoen open up about drama #Why are you chasing other artists? after being hit by some fans of the duo C-Nun New Fired from the frame to take photos in front of the back drop with senior actor Tor Thanapob

Had a chance to meet a young blue man who attended the event “SIAM PARAGON WATCH & JEWELRY EXPO 2022”, the biggest watch and jewelry exhibition of the year. at Siam Paragon Shopping Center The owner revealed that Confused by the incident, Sea-Nun New has picked up the phone to apologize. Not impressed and thanked the fans who were concerned about their feelings.

Asked about the drama that got kicked out of the frame. What was the situation then? “At that time, it was the time when I came out to take a group photo outside in front of the bag drop. In fact, I was really confused at that time too. Because I saw his hand, he thought he would ask to take a picture. In conclusion, he gave a nudge. So I nudged it.”

At that time, did you feel bad, why did he let us leave? “Does it feel bad? No, I was more confused at the time. I didn’t even think about it because I was processing what it would be like in that situation. When I knew that he would take a picture together So I turned and whispered to my brother. They will take pictures together.”

Brother Tor said that at first he didn’t hear? “Yes, because I will hear a faint sound. When we saw his brother’s hand, we knew that, oh, he gave me a nudge. So he assumed that he should take a picture together.”

Are you shocked to see the drama trending on Twitter? “At that time, the manager sent it to see. At that time, I was still more confused and remembered an incident like this. I didn’t like anything. because of Brother C Nong Nunew had a chance to talk to each other. He came to apologize. He felt uncomfortable. I could feel that he didn’t want something like this to happen. He called and told himself. It’s Brother C and Nong Nunew together. Then we can talk.”

Fans come out to support us too? “Thank you for worrying about me. We have never encountered such an event. Rarely do we rarely meet many people. Rarely does events From this incident, I see that no one wants this kind of incident to happen. We also know what we should do in the future.”

At the same time, there are many people who open our portals as well. Who is Blue? “Yes, thank you. I didn’t expect anyone to know us that worried about us this much. More fan base? I think it’s like there are more people who know us. Someone is worried about us have seen more of us.”

What works are you currently working on? “Right now, there is a series called intern in my heart, a trainee with a bright face. fill the heart of mistress Playing with Kris Horwang. I’m waiting for it to be on air. Play with older brother Chris. I was nervous at first But Kris is quite friendly, very chill, so I feel like I’m relieved. And now there are people who are interested in becoming an artist or not? Now I’m in the process of thinking about how to do it. I’m really interested. I’m interested in this field as well. We’re also thinking that we have an acting event now. If you are an artist, you need to give both of them time. So I’m in the process of collecting what to do. Ask if it’s a big camp or not. Well, it’s big in the country. I’m still talking about what to do.”

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