Business Blue dollar today: how much is it trading this...

Blue dollar today: how much is it trading this Friday, May 22

The blue dollar listed this Friday, May 22 at $ 115 for purchase and $ 125 for sale. The gap between blue and the official dollar it is close to 90 percent.

Since Monday, the Dolar blue registers a strong decline and has already decreased $ 8 in its prices with respect to the price at which the week began. However, yesterday it remained stable and for the moment, it has not registered any changes in the price.

The dollar value blue It is established as an average between the different exchange houses, while the official dollar, which is purchased from banks, has a quotation established.

How was the price of the blue dollar and its evolution in May 2020

Blue dollar quote

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Infographic: Clarion

The starting values ​​of the day of the last days were:


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