Blue light filters that are supposed to protect our eyes would be dangerous

“When we use too many filters, the information that our brain receives is confusing. On the one hand, external stimuli tell our biological clock that we still need to be awake … But on the other hand, by completely removing the information about blue light, the melatonin cycle is activated as if we were asleep ”, according to Spanish researcher Conchi Lillo of the University of Salamanca in Spain in an article on The Conversation.

Those filters had to protect our eyes from the cold light emitted by the screens of cellphones and computers but in reality they are counterproductive, that is to say they can prevent and delay the development of ocular pathologies.

The blue light prevents the secretion of the hormone that promotes sleep but according to the researcher, “It’s not so much the excess blue light which, according to studies, is not powerful enough to seriously disrupt our circadian cycle, as what we do with our screens that prevents us from falling asleep.”

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