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Original title: Blue Moon’s best partner!Haaland’s debut assists Tintin’s coquettish instep

The match against Bournemouth, Manchester City ushered in the new season’s Premier League home debut. Compared with the first round, they only replaced Grealish with Mahrez in the main lineup, and Haaland also made his debut in the official game at the Etihad. In the first round match against West Ham United, we saw the “pudding” connection between De Bruyne and Haaland, and the two once again showed superb skills in this game.

Like the Hammers, Bournemouth retreated across the board after the start of the game, constantly compressing Manchester City’s attacking space. However, the strength of the Blue Moon is obvious to all, they got 4 corner kicks within 10 minutes of the game. In the 18th minute, Haaland showed his center fulcrum and assisting role this time. After physically confronting the defender, he used his long legs to send an assist under the opponent’s double team. The inserted Gundogan easily pushed the far corner. The goal was the first assist of Haaland’s Manchester City career. Subsequently, Tintin contributed to the infinite charm of Shiyizhong.

In the 30th minute, Manchester City counterattacked and Foden passed the ball. After De Bruyne received the pass, facing the opponent’s defender, he first leaned forward and pretended to accelerate the breakthrough from the outside. However, after shaking off the center of gravity of the defender, he immediately shot from the instep , the ball went directly into the dead corner, and one person defeated a team. Bournemouth players could only watch the ball and sigh. 6 minutes later, De Bruyne returned the favor this time, but he was still in the counterattack. After Ding Ding Nei cut, he immediately sent a through ball. Foden plugged in at a high speed and shot with his left foot. The ball hit the cherry defender and refracted into the net. Manchester City completely sealed the victory.

In the past 15 Premier League games, De Bruyne has contributed 11 goals and 10 assists. In this year’s Premier League, De Bruyne contributed 11 goals and 9 assists, both of which ranked in the top 3 of the league this year. At the same time, this is also Tintin’s 20th single-game pass in his Premier League career, second only to Salah and Son Heung-min since his Blue Moon debut in September 2015. Under the strong performance of the “Pudding” combination, Manchester City defeated Bournemouth 4-0 without bloodshed. It is worth mentioning that Manchester City have won all 11 Premier League games against the Cherries, with a high ratio of goals and losses. 34:-5. In the first two rounds of the league, Haaland and De Bruyne can contribute at least goals or assists in the field. This “pudding” combination deserves the attention of fans in the new season.

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