Bluger praises the atmosphere in the Golden Knights locker room and praises his teammates

Teodors Bļugers | Foto: Ethan Miller/GETTY IMAGES/AFP/Scanpix

In a conversation with AT&T Sports, Teodors Blügers, a player of the National Hockey League (NHL) club Vegas “Golden Knights”, commented on his first point scored in the ranks of the new team and his introduction to the organization.

It will be announced that Latvian forward Bļugers scored the first score in the “Golden Knights” on Sunday, helping his team with 4:3 defeat the Montreal Canadiens at home and regain first place in the Western Conference.

“I think it was simply a good change,” said Blüger. “We applied pressure and played actively, forcing the opponents to defend. We wanted to keep the puck in their zone as long as possible.”

“I believe that our shift cooperation is getting better, of course. It was already much easier for me in this game and I could better understand my partners,” the Latvian admitted. “The main thing about this team is that everyone is very close and friendly in the dressing room as well. All of us are welcome here and it is easy to fit in. Teammates invited for dinner and showed everything. Everyone helped me a lot, because moving to a new team is never easy.”

Blügers gets the first point in the second game for the Golden Knights (VIDEO)

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