"Bluster victory" of the Blues against Brazil for their entry into the lists

The French team, here at the Timothey N & # 39; Guessan, has struggled to get rid of the rough Brazilian.
The French team, here at the Timothey N & # 39; Guessan, has struggled to get rid of the rough Brazilian. TOBIAS SCHWARZ / AFP

"The bottom line is that it will be difficult." Vincent Gerard does not miss the strings in his bow. In addition to the unmistakable qualities of the handball goalkeeper, who crashed January 11 during the arduous entry into France in the 2019 World Cup against Brazil, the goalkeeper of the French team has mastered perfectly synthetic art. Difficult, the meeting against the Brazilians was. Double defensive title, the French handball team struggled to take the best of the South Americans, relying on the deeds of their goalkeeper to win a short advantage (24-22).

Opposite to "An atypical team, which offers a defense a little bit" Spanish "as well as analyzed Valentin Porte at BeIN Sports's microphone after the meeting, the Blues, "Not really lapped" they have multiplied the inaccuracies but "Avoid the worst". Fourteen losses of the ball came to punish the unsafe passages of teammates Kentin Mahé, lined up in the middle-center position. This was usually reserved for Nikola Karabatic, a teacher whose team in France was deprived for the first time since 2003 in an official competition.

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"We had a complicated start"recognized the Flensburg-Handewitt player. A formula that can be applied to the meeting regarding the competition. Despite an undeniable resemblance between the Spanish coach of Brazil and Jean Reno, spectators from the Berlin arena were not entitled to the great Blues.

The Blues widen the gap, so they stop playing

Opposed to the Brazilians, apparently determined to obliterate the World Trustee of 2017 (31-16), France has long let his opponent run in the lead, keeping him within range. Guided by a burning Jose Toledo (seven goals), the Brazilians made a better start than the French. But at the end of the first period, the last one took advantage for the first time of the game, before leaving (16-13 at the break).

In the absence of Nikola Karabatic to fix the defenses and draw him to him, the game of the Blues was as expected. Less positioned in orbit than in the presence of the Parisian star, the backs have turned the ball higher. And Michaël Guigou took advantage of it. Author of six goals (on as many shots in the game, his only missed being on the seven-meter jet), the veteran of the team (36 years old) has signed a noticeable entry race.

"At the end of the first period, we managed to create a small hole and we wanted to continue like this, but there were a lot of inaccuracies, loss of balls and we put them all alone in the match", repentant Valentin Porte. After perfectly negotiating a double numerical inferiority – thanks to a Vincent Gerard erected in the new Berlin Wall – from the second period and after taking six goals in advance, the Blues stopped playing. "We relaxed, I think unconsciously, the French concierge noticed. We started losing shots, we got bullets, we got a little less balloons and in the euphoria of the meeting, they came back. "

The freshness of Vincent Gérard

While the rough Brazilian defenders come out of the pruner, France takes four goals in a row causing the anger of the blue bench. In a room that quickly made the choice to support the " small " – or the less dangerous opponent for the German host – Dika Mem's teammates, who scored six goals, spend more than eleven minutes without scoring a goal. And you can thank their guard to keep them afloat.

"We have been able to support a very brilliant Vincent Gérard, we have evacuated this famous stress of the start of the competition, commented coach Didier Dinart. It's a slow win, but it's better to do a bad game and win rather than give a good performance and lose. "

The end of the game was played with composure. What was missing from Brazilians, almost touching one of the best results in their history. Within three minutes of the end, the Borges wing lost the opportunity to return to a detour goal, returning to the area upon receipt of a magnificent kung fu before shooting. This coldness that Vincent Gérard showed at thirty seconds of the term, challenging an interception in the middle of the field during a Brazilian counterattack to keep the subtle nestling for two goals. And avoid his disappointment in the opening.

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Before considering their goals – Olympic qualification, an unprecedented world title in a row – the French still have a long way to go. Nine games, once again, separate them from the last Sunday, January 27, in Herning (Denmark). And from Saturday, Serbia is on the Blues trail. An opponent of a different caliber. "It will also be difficult", warns Valentin Porte, when his coach hopes that this introduction will change to " a booster strike may be necessary. " As Vincent Gérard says: in this World Cup, "The bottom line is that it will be difficult".

Next match: France – Serbia, Saturday 12 January, at 8.30 pm, on BeIN Sports 3

Clément Martel

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