BMI flight with 22 passengers veers off Bristol Airport runway –


BMI flight with 22 passengers veers off Bristol Airport runway after trainee pilot uses the WRONG BRAKE on landingFlight from Frankfurt veered off runway at Bristol Airport and stopped on grassPilot engaged parking brake instead of air brake as he approached the runway22 passengers and three crew on board the Embraer 145 plane were unscathedCaptain was under training and new to aircraft and airline, AAIB report revealsBy

Mark Duell for MailOnline

05:06 am EST, 11 January 2019

5:20 am EST, 11 January 2019

A BMI plane with 22 passengers on board overshot the runway after the pilot pulled out of the airport to the front of the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB)

The BMI plane that had 22 passengers, on the grass after the runway at Bristol Airport

The Embraer 145 plane was unveiled by the experience, the passengers and crew on board the Embraer 145 plane were unscathed.Audio recordings from the cockpit revealed the panic of the captain – who was under The pilot responders: 'It is, oh no it's not, who closed that? 'a synopsis of the incident says the flight crew noticed the nose gear touched down' sharply 'after the main gear before the pilot lost control.The report reads: roll and the aircraft ran off the left side of the runway onto the grass.

The pilot engaged with the runway

The commander suggests that the speed brake should be used as the aircraft comes in to land as the aircraft is moving forward, reducing the rate of deceleration. The pilot had had 17 hours of flight time in the Embraer 145 and his aircraft had been carried out with the emergency / parking brake set. training and progress to the point, the report states.Investigators concluded the shape and location of the brake levers may have contributed to the incident on December 22, 2017.'The accident arose as a result of the inadvertent selection of the emergency / parking brake instead of the speed brake, 'the conclusion reads.

The damaged landing and tire following the incident in Bristol on December 22, 2017

The plane and the plane – which landed at the Bristol Airport – were unscathed The levers are of similar shape and are close to each other. There is also a brake on indicator light.'These risk controls proved ineffective on the inadequate selection of the emergency. to be going unnoticed.'After touchdown, the aircraft may have stayed on the runway manufacturer stated that it did not mean to conduct a system review relating to the parking brake status. '

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