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from Alessio Jacona

Cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors. Four-wheel drive. Total power of 523 horsepower. Driving precision. Here is the new German electron SUV. It arrives in November, starting from 84 thousand euros

Munich – Luxury, style, but above all sportiness: the new BMW iX xDrive50, Electron SUV designed almost from scratch, an innovative car in everything from the powertrain to the chassis through to the human machine interface. An imposing vehicle with its own two and a half tons of weight, yet agile in corners and easy to drive in the city, with burning acceleration, which summarizes the past and future of the Bavarian manufacturer waiting for 2025 and the Neue Klasse. Together with the i4, this new EV represents a fundamental step in the evolution of the brand along the road that leads to 2030, fateful date on which BMW plans to sell in version full electric at least 50% of its cars globally.

Two clean engines and all-wheel drive

Along the road from Munich airport to the factory Dingolfing (the largest of BMW in Europe, where the iX is produced), and then to the ski resort Berchtesgaden, we had over 260 kilometers between motorways, state roads and winding mountain roads to appreciate the many qualities of the new SUV, starting with the large range still available upon arrival (over 50%, despite the heavy foot on the accelerator). The BMW iX xDrive50 is produced using only clean energy and also using recycled materials for reduce its carbon footprint by 45% compared to a conventional SUV. It boasts well 523 cv, supplied by two motors (one per axis) which together generate one four-wheel drive renewed, and which can count on wheel sensors in power management 10 times faster than previously.

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The autonomy of the iX: 630 kilometers

Propulsion ensured by BMW technology eDrive, which is now in its fifth generation and thanks to which BMW has created a highly integrated unit, which brings together electric motor, power electronics and transmission. The self-limited maximum speed a 200 km/h and you pass from zero to 100 in 4.6 seconds, literally jerking forward as you feel crushed against the seat. The declared autonomy of 630 kilometers in the WLTP cycle, and guaranteed by a barely thick battery 110 mm of 111.5 kWh (of which 105.2 kWh usable), while recharging reaches i 200 kW of power in direct current, to bring the accumulator from 10 to 80% of its capacity in just 35 minutes.

The least powerful iX, with 326 horsepower

The iX xDrive40: also with two engines and four-wheel drive for a power equal to 326 cv, will have an autonomy of 425 kilometers with 76.6 kW / h battery (71 of which usable) and DC charging up to 150 kW. The car accelerates from zero to 100 occurs in 6.1 seconds, while it reaches the self-limited maximum speed of 200 km / h.


Along the highway, the BMW iX xDrive50 glides silently and regardless of its size, ready to spring whenever there is a need to overtake. Or a slow down decisively in surprisingly short stopping distances. By moving the driving selector on B, the mode is activated one pedal (our favorite), whose effectiveness allows you to do without the brakes in most situations, while significantly recharging the battery thanks to the energy recovery. In the short stretches of the German motorway that are free of speed limits, we were able to appreciate the powerful, clear and progressive acceleration with which the electron SUV leaps forward as soon as the gas pedal is depressed.

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Aluminum, steel and carbon fiber

The sportiness of BMW’s DNA, translated into the new zero-emission language. Curves and trajectory changes occur with surgical precision, while driving you get the impression of run on a track. This is due to the four-wheel drive, which distributes the engine torque adapting to the needs, passing from the only one rear-wheel Drive when driving at a constant speed, at four wheels engines accelerating in the blink of an eye. And also thanks to the technology of limitation of slippage of the wheels, integrated directly into the engine control unit. Not to mention the major stiffness of the frame, made more solid and at the same time lighter by a mix of materials which includes aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, for better handling in any driving situation.

Recycled materials for the interior

On board, everything about the iX talks about future: from the finishes to the use of recycled materials (the floor covers are made of nylon also obtained from fishing nets recovered from the sea), to the internal camera (as already on Tesla), to record moments in the family but also and above all as remote burglar alarm; from the connection 5G (first among premium vehicles) to seamless integration with third-party apps such as Apple Car Play, so deep that Apple’s maps can now also be viewed on the info display in front of the driver; from constantly updated maps in cloud to the new man-machine interface of which the BMW Curved Display fulcrum.

The personal assistant

The large screen that spans almost the entire dashboard consists of an information display from 12.3 in (immediately behind the very comfortable hexagonal steering wheel), and a display for the infotainment control from 14,9, both facing the driver. Below is the new BMW Operating System 8, which also brings a renewed version of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Thanks to it, we now browse the different functions for customizable widgets: as in a modern smartphone, for every feature there is aapp dedicated and easy to use.

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The security

Finally, safety: with the Driving Assistant Professional, the car offers the Steering and Lane Keeping Assist with extended functions, the assist with the lane change, as well as that of assistance to the lane maintenance with protection active side anti-collision. In pi la iX gi ready for autonomous driving level 3: there is the hardware (sensors), but not yet software, which in due course could be made available via OTA, and at that point the system will exploit the five cameras, i five radar e i 12 ultrasonic sensors already present.

The price

The iX xDrive40 on sale starting from 84 thousand euros, which become 87,100 with the sports package (adds 21-inch alloy wheels and other sporty and aesthetic exterior details). There iX xDrive50 starts at 103 thousand euros (106.100 with sports package). Launch and first deliveries from November 13.

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