BMW Z4 M40i, an ode to pleasure

TRIAL – Archetypal car passion, the third-generation roadster of the Munich company shows a sacred character.

Animating the BMW's latest roadster at the touch of a button awakens the senses and neighbors. Under the lines that push the codes nestles a noble 6-cylinder line. We do not cheat our pleasure because, not content to emit a disturbing sound, this engine architecture has become a rare commodity at the time of carbon detection. The Porsche Boxster 718 GTS relies on a 3-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine to require 365 horsepower. The BMW Z4 M40i admits a deficit of 25 horses, but with two other cylinders. This translates into a higher torque of 70 Nm (500 Nm) over such a wide range of speeds, but starting from a lower value.

In practice, the Bavarian block is a model of roundness and flexibility. It is perfectly supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission, whose intelligence avoids the use of paddles on the steering wheel. As soon as the road begins to zigzag, the DNA of this roadster speaks. A real pleasure If the sun is on the horizon, it takes only 10 seconds because the headgear, always in canvas, disappears in your home, up to 50 km / h. The standard anti-vortex network plays its role effectively, even when the pace is high.

If the sun is on the horizon, it takes only 10 seconds for the headgear to disappear into your home. BERNHARD_LIMBERGER

And the Z4 M40i does not pray to raise its voice. Sitting in the middle of the car, enjoying a perfect distribution of the masses (50/50), the driver has the obvious feeling of being one with his car. An impression accentuated by the lightness given off by the perfectly calibrated variable ratio steering and by the agility of its more solid and lowered frame of 10 mm (Select Drive Suspension). The ground connections allow you to fully exploit the temperament of the 6 in line.

The Z4 knows how to be a daily companion as versatile as thoughtful. The trunk is more spacious than before (+ 50%); a storage net behind the seats can accommodate clothes and a bag; the engine evolves in muted mode (Eco mode) in the city and cuts fire. Finally, the Z4 complies with the latest high-tech developments of the manufacturer: head-up color display (+ € 833), collision risk warning and digital instrumentation. An innovation that will confound the many followers of the antediluvian graphic design of the Munich company.

Data sheet

engine: 6 cylinders in turbo line, 2.998 cm3, 340 hp, 500 Nm

transmission: Propulsion, car. 8 reports

size: L. 4.32, l. 1.86, h. 1.30 m

consumption: 7.1 l / 100 km

emissionsCO2: 165 g / km

speed: 250 km / h

Price: 67 650 €

Under the lines that push the codes nestles a noble 6-cylinder line. BERNHARD_LIMBERGER


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