BNG and PSOE reach an agreement in principle for Sánchez’s investiture with toll reductions on the AP-9 and AP-53

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The BNG Executive will meet this Friday in an extraordinary manner to analyze the principle of agreement reached between the nationalist formation and the PSOE for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, which includes, as nationalist sources have ratified, new toll reductions for the AP-9 (which now has a discount on the return trip in less than 24 hours if electronic toll is used, among others) and for the AP-53which connects Santiago with Orense for the section that has direct tolls for users.

The same nationalist sources have explained that this principle of agreement includes these two issues considered “relevant” in terms of the “Galician agenda” that the BNG has defended implementing in Madrid, after a coalition government legislature in which the BNG has demanded the reduction of tolls on the AP-9.

Sources from the BNG have subsequently specified that “negotiations are still underway with points that are still pending to be finalized.” “We continue working to reach a good agreement because, if we achieve it, Galicia would win,” they stated.

The negotiating commission for this principle of agreement, which has been in the making until this very day, has been made up of the deputy in Congress, Nestor Regothe senator Carme da Silva and the member of the executive Ruben Cela. Now it will be analyzed by the leadership of the Block so that, if it receives the green light, it will be definitively reflected in an agreement for the affirmative vote of the BNG.

The national spokesperson of the BNG, Ana Pontonstressed in recent weeks that his party would not give a “blank check” to the socialists and several voices even suggested that the party was closer to abstention than to an affirmative vote.

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