Board Rejects Suggested Lowering Employee Wages

The Fiscal Control Board (JCF) today rejected having suggested reducing the salary or payroll of public employees.

In written statements, the federal entity’s spokesman, Edward Zayas, indicated that the Board “has never suggested lowering the salaries of public employees or their dismissal. The adjustments and efficiency requirements in the Government – necessary to better serve citizens – require a transformation in all areas of public service, initiatives that have been included in the Fiscal Plan since 2018 ”.

“Within this context, the government has to be able to identify which are those areas that require the greatest amount of resources and act on it to better serve the PR people. On the other hand, we must clarify that the figures referred to are NOT valid, “he added.

He reported that the Board is currently preparing a Fiscal Plan and a new budget, “which takes into consideration the reality of Puerto Rico in the face of recent incidents, such as the earthquakes in the southwest area and the COVID-19 emergency.”

The expressions arise after the pro-independence senator, Juan Dalmau Ramírez, accused the JCF of promoting new “abusive” actions against the people.

Dalmau’s complaint arose as a result of a response, to her questions, provided by the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OGP) in which she admits that the budget proposal made by the fiscal entity is one that would affect thousands of public sector workers as it would reduce the payroll of the government of Puerto Rico by 8.5%.


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