Entertainment Boateng, the revelations of Satta: "You don't change husbands...

Boateng, the revelations of Satta: “You don’t change husbands like irons”

Melissa Satta, companion of Kevin Prince Boateng, gave a long interview on the pages of the weekly Grazia.

Melissa Satta, wife of Kevin Prince Boateng, gave an interview to the magazine Grazia, revealing some details about their relationship as a couple: “There were differences, then we decided to give ourselves a second chance. It is not easy to be together, but it is also not easy to be alone, nor to get to know another person and start over. In the end, relationships all have the same ups and downs script. There is no perfect marriage. But you can’t change husbands like you change an iron that, when it breaks, you buy a new one. Keeping a family up and running is work and requires a lot of patience. Unfortunately today we are all more consumerist and selfish, we do not have the spirit of sacrifice that our mothers and grandmothers had ”.

Did you make sacrifices for your husband?

Those that we all do a bit, we women, for the family. I gave up some jobs, missed some opportunities because I wasn’t in the right place at the right time. I lived for two years in Dusseldorf, I studied German, then I lived in Frankfurt, then in Spain to follow him. Kevin is a player who has changed often, after all I could never have been with a person who goes to the office at 8 and returns at 7 in the evening. I understand and share the constant need for challenges and stimuli because I am like that too “.


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