Bob Saggett died in his sleep without suffering

Bob Saget

American actor and comedian Bob Saget, who was found dead in his hotel room on Sunday, died in his sleep and did not suffer. This shows a report of the investigating authorities.

Hours earlier, he had given a concert as part of his US tour. The actor then called his wife and then even tweeted about how happy he is to return to the stage after dozens of canceled performances because of Kovid, reports

It was Bob’s wife who directed the police where to look for him. The comedian was supposed to return by flight from Los Angeles, but after not boarding the plane and calling his wife, she called the hotel. The stand-up star has recently fallen ill with Kovid, but his relatives claim that he looked good in the days before he died.

The actor is believed to have died of a stroke or heart attack, but the final cause of death will become clear in about three months.


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