Esteban Andrada: 6. They did not demand it. Provided security as usual.

Leonardo Jara: 6. The absence of Julio Buffarini was not noted. He fulfilled in Paraguay and today he was up to the task again. Without complications.

Carlos Zambrano: 6. Sign on the mark. Little by little he is consolidating as a central couple of Izquierdoz. Always attentive in the passing game and when going out to the sides.

Carlos Izquierdoz: 5. Without many demands, he was effective in each participation. He committed a dangerous foul at the goal of the area that could have brought problems to Andrada.

Emmanuel More: 5. Firm on the mark and inaccurate with the ball when kicking off or going on the attack.

Jorman Campuzano: 6. Boca’s watch in the midfield. He anticipated and recovered as always to give the team balance.

Eduardo Salvio: 6. Discreet game of the best player in Asunción, but key to give his team the victory over the end.

Pol Fernández: 5. He played later than usual. Always precise in the pass but he lacked presence from the middle forward.

Gonzalo Maroni: 5. He did not have the participation the other day with Libertad. He retired injured 35 minutes into the first half.

Carlos Tevez: 7. The best player in Boca and on the court. Present to hold the ball, to assist his teammates and had the goal in the second half although he defined high.

Franco Soldano: 5. The usual sacrifice and the little usual presence in the area to define. It came out at halftime.

Agustín Obando: 5. He replaced Maroni. It did not weigh in attack. In the only one he tried, he reached the baseline and served the goal to Tevez, who defined over the crossbar.

Walter Bou: 5. Little came into play. He participated in the second half in which the fatigue of the team was noticed. Tevez left him in goal position but he controlled badly and it was long. Today it appears as the alternative to Soldano.

Nicolás Capaldo: 5. He gave freshness to the middle and participated in the play of the goal, although he failed in the definition. I also enter Edwin cardona and played 10 minutes.


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