Body found in house fire in Stollberg

A fire broke out on Wednesday in a residential building in Stollberg in the Ore Mountains. Apparently a person was killed. The fire brigade was alerted around 1.30 p.m. Because there was a lot of smoke in the house, she was initially unable to get to the upper floor. Rescue workers later found a body inside. It was initially unclear whether it was the resident of the house. The identification will take some time, the police said.

Why the house caught fire is still unclear. The extinguishing work lasted around seven hours. They were dated Storm depression Kirsten difficult. The strong wind kept fanning the fire. In the evening an excavator finally rolled in to tear down the roof of the burned-out apartment building. As head of operations Dirk Landgraf from the Stollberg fire brigade reports, possible embers were detected and extinguished with a thermal imaging camera after the demolition. All fire brigades from Stollberg and the surrounding area were on site.


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