Body language reveals a liar: These gestures or the phrase “I want to be honest with you” will reveal him

#Everyone has already found themselves in a situation where they felt that the other person was lying to them, but had no way to prove it. It would be easiest if we had a pocket lie detector at such a moment, but the ideal would be to simply always tell the truth. Despite how “liars” they try to embellish their story, never they don’t cover all the tracks. Reveal together with the Hashtag how to recognize these tiny details!

How does he act when he tells the truth?

First of all, it is most important to know the natural temperament of a particular “communication partner”. Knowing how he gestures during 100% truthful debates, what phrases he normally uses, whether he looks you in the eye, what his speech pace is, and so on.

All subsequent deviations are then indicators that something is going on with him and he is not 100% honest. However, do not confuse an evasive look with a hint of lying, because a person does not always feel comfortable, and shyness can be part of his natural nature.

What can body language tell you?

Gesture expert, Traci Brown claims that when telling a lie it is customary to make some movement with the hands, while when telling true information we use the hands fluently even while speaking. The mind gets too focused on creating a story and often forgets to gesture with the hands.

Turning away the palms can also be a signal, because this is how people subconsciously hold back their emotions, sometimes they even put their hands in their pockets or under the table.

Strong facial expressions

Excessive staring or, on the contrary, averting the eyes. By maintaining excessive eye contact, the person is trying to convince you that they are “hiding nothing”, but they almost never get the right measure, and instilling trust turns into an uncomfortable stare.

The mouth is a tool for verbal and non-verbal communication. A sign of lies can be tightly clenched or pouty lips, which seem to subconsciously deny what is coming out of them. It is an automatic reflex of the body.

Repetition of affirmative phrases

Nonverbal communication expert Lillian Glass points out that liars often use phrases like “I want to be honest with you,” “honestly,” or “let me tell you the truth” to forcefully convince us that what they’re saying is true.

Stuttering and using the particles “um”, “ugh” and the like are often just biding time for the liar to come up with a more convincing version. It is not surprising when he does not remember them correctly and inconsistencies arise in his statements.

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