Bodycheck against Prank: Abraham's attack was also an attack on football

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Abraham's attack was also an attack on football

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Patrick Krull

Red card for Abraham after body control against Freiburg Streich coach

Frankfurt captain David Abraham receives a red card after a body check against Freiburg Streich coach. But the coach immediately switches to mediation.

The DFB recently postulated that it wanted to end violence in football. The attack of the Frankfurt captain against Tainer Christian Streich of Freiburg puts him to the test. The phrase is trendy.

Dsport has another excitement. Frankfurt defender Abraham eliminates Freiburg Streich coach with a body check and lays him down. Because it is football and not ice hockey, he suddenly hit the joke, among other things, his wide eyes were falling, and there is not even a word of explanation or apology for this, this foul has a new quality: it exceeds the last limit,

There have been many bad actions in professional football, they have played mainly on the field. The handshake of Konietzka against the referee (1966, suspension of six months), the punch of Kobiaschwili against the referee Stark (2012, seven months), Stein's punch against Wegmann (in 1987, ten weeks) or the referee overturned by Kruse Osmers (1993, ten weeks) fall there spontaneously. But everyone had some reason, no matter how vain it was.

But now that a player with such a coach with a huge start, full of strength and arbitrariness in his upset coaching zone, a new level of bottomlessness is reached. Because Streich has done nothing but stand there with his hands in his pockets. He let a lost ball jump behind him. That's all. Prank is not there to speed up the opponent's game, possibly stopping the ball, picking it up and serving it to Abraham on the silver platter as he probably would have liked.

Bodyguards on the squares of Berlin

The sports field of the DFB will now deal with the case, the referee Brych punishes with a red card against the Argentine. He must undoubtedly expect the punishment to give a signal, despite all the subsequent repentance of Abraham and the laudable indulgence of Streich.

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Referee Kombo Stephan Flohr

After the recent violent excesses in the amateur courts, where even in Berlin were appointed bodyguards for referees, football has sincerely proclaimed, with all determination, hardness and power, an exemplary influence against the evildoers. It will be more necessary than ever. Since everyone could see Abraham's reckless action, it was the end this eleventh day of play and beyond that the subject of the conversation. He put it on the highest stage of the Bundesliga, what happens there, he likes to find imitators in the farthest corner of the football republic.

If the DFB takes seriously its declaration of intent to incessantly oppose violence in football a few days ago, then Abraham will give an example. For Frankfurt the captain did what the German Football Association intends to suffocate in the bud: it was an attack on football.

SC Friborg - Eintracht Frankfurt

The David Abraham of Frankfurt (left) arrived after the control of the body against the joke with Vincenzo Grifo of Freiburg together. He also looked red because of palpability

Source: dpa / Patrick Seeger

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