Boeing 777 caught fire and began to collapse right in the air – video of the incident

In the American city of Brumfield, Colorado, the Boeing 777 aircraft began to literally fall apart during the flight. Debris from an aircraft engine fell on residential buildings.

A United Airlines plane flew from Denver to Honolulu. On takeoff, he had engine problems. The pilots managed to land safely at the airport of departure. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, there were 231 passengers and 10 crew members on board. None of the passengers were injured, as were the residents of the residential area where the wreckage fell, reports abcnews.

“Some of the debris fell in Commons Park, Northmoor and Red Leaf areas. Our patrol officers are working to locate all the debris. If you find a breach in your house, next to your house, in the neighborhood, please do not touch it.” turned to the local residents of the Brumfield police.

Recall that the Air Canada Boeing Co 737-8 Max, which en route from Arizona to Montreal with three crew members on board, there was an engine problem that caused the crew to fly the plane to Tucson, Arizona.


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