Boeing will continue behind Airbus. This year he added half of the aircraft to me

In addition to the coronavirus crisis, Boeing’s problems were mainly due to the long-term flight of its 737 MAX aircraft. Boeing was not allowed to renew the delivery of this aircraft until November 2020 and is only slowly increasing its production. In addition, Boeing also limited the delivery of the 787 Dreamliner due to technical difficulties.

Leton’s Airbus deliveries are up 24 percent from last year, which was affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Compared to January to 2019, ie the period before pandemics, they are 25 percent lower. Last year, Boeing added 98 aircraft to customers for the quarter.

For investors, supply data are an important indicator of the financial situation of aircraft manufacturers. The airline will pay one of the purchase prices of the aircraft and at the moment when it is actually received.

Boeing will be able to pick up new orders. After deducting the canceled order, the American manufacturer has orders for 302 aircraft this year. I am ordering Airbus and only 133 aircraft.

Over the past year, Boeing has delivered only 157 aircraft to customers, at least in 43 years. Deliveries were about 60 percent lower than in 2019. Last year, due to a pandemic, Airbus’s deliveries dropped to 566 aircraft from a record 863 in 2019. This year, Airbus is delivering about 600 aircraft.


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