Boeing would issue a warning on the 737 Max jet after the accident


(Bloomberg) – The Boeing Co. is about to send a security warning to operators of its new 737 Max aircraft in response to the investigation into the fatal accident last week off the coast of Indonesia that has left 189 dead, one said. person aware of the matter.

The Boeing newsletter will alert airlines that faulty readings of a flight monitoring system can cause a sharp crash of the aircraft, said the person, who asked not to be identified by discussing the details of the plans of the manufacturer. Boeing will warn pilots to follow an existing procedure to handle the problem, the source added.

The warning is based on the preliminary results of the incident with a Lion Air passenger plane, the person said. In some circumstances, such as when pilots fly manually, the Max will automatically try to lower the nose of the plane if they detect that an aerodynamic block is possible, said the person.

One of the fundamental ways in which an aircraft determines if a block is imminent is a measure known as the angle of attack, which is a calculation of the angle at which the wind passes over the wings.

The 737 Max 8 of Lion Air sank in the Java Sea on 29 October, a few minutes after take-off. It was so overturned that it could have reached a speed of 960 kilometers an hour before crashing into the water. The pilots sent a radio request to return to Jakarta and land, but they never returned to the airport, according to the Indonesian National Committee for Transport Safety and Flight Tracking Data. The committee said it was dealing with a mis-indication of the speed of air.

"Measures required"

In a statement published on November 5, the committee asked the US National Transportation and Security Council and Boeing "to take the necessary measures to prevent similar incidents, especially in the Boeing 737 Max, a model that has 200 aircraft. in everyone. "

Although there are not yet additional details of the bulletin, the warning is the first concrete action that emerges from the investigation of the accident. Currently, Boeing has a procedure that allows pilots to continue flying in case the angle of attack readings are incorrect.

The Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer delivered 219 Max, the latest and most advanced 737 aircraft, as the new models made their commercial debut last year with a subsidiary of Lion Air. Boeing has more than 4,500 orders for those aircraft, which have larger engines, more aerodynamic wings and an improved cabin with larger glass panels. The single-aisle family of aircraft is Boeing's main source of revenue.

Aircraft and engine manufacturers regularly send bulletins to operators indicating the safety and maintenance measures they need to take, most of which are relatively routine. But the urgency of a fatal accident can trigger an avalanche of warnings of that kind.

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