Two days have passed since the capture of Amed Rodolfo Bayona, the man who allegedly suffocated his 5 and 6-year-old children to death. This terrible act took place on the night of October 14 in the San Jorge village, La Lata sector, in the municipality of Zipaquirá.

Although a criminal profile of Bayona has already been established, EL TIEMPO had access to the history of the nights before the death of the two minors and what would have led the father of the two children to end their lives.

This event was revealed by a person who called line 123 after finding the children dead. EL TIEMPO contacted the witness, who asked that his name be kept anonymous.

This man says that he received a call four days ago. Was Bayona, an old acquaintance and with whom he worked for more than a year on a farm in Subachoque. She contacted him to ask for help. That night he was in the Zipaquirá terminal, along with his 5-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. The children’s father told him that they had nothing to eat or where to stay.

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Bayona had been able to establish that her old acquaintance was working as a manager on a farm. He spoke with the owner of the place, a politician and renowned rancher in the area, to allow them to house his friend, with the excuse that he was a cousin who came to visit with his children. The owner agreed and, in good faith, let them stay in a house at the entrance of the property.

“I spoke with the boss to get him to leave them because Bayona had been on the street for several days with the children and called everyone, but no one shook his hand,” says the farm manager. The family settled in the house, they gave them breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything seemed quiet.

The next day, Amed Bayona went out in search of work, which did not turn out as expected, as the door was closed in several places. He returned with his children complaining and reproaching those who did not give him a chance.

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However, the manager sought out his contacts and got him a job on a dairy farm in Ubaté.

That night they went out for a few beers. In the middle of the drinks, Bayona said that he had been part of a guerrilla group, which his acquaintance put a stop to, perhaps without realizing that it could be an alarm signal.“Don’t talk so much shit, my boss is a politician, and if you go out with those, they’ll throw you off the farm,” he warned.

The next morning, before going out to market, the witness told Bayona that it was already the third day he was staying and it was time to leave the place. He returned around 9:15 at night, he thought about taking some bananas to the children, but he did not do it because it was very late, so he went straight to his house, a few meters higher. About 8 am the other day he received a call from Bayonne. “I left something at the house,” he announced.

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The manager entered the house where his friend was staying and he found the two bodies of the children. They were completely purple, account.

There were also three letters there. One addressed to the authorities and the other to the administrator of the estate, both written in black ink. The third was for the mother of the children, written in red and in which he expressed that he was going to kill her too. In the place they also found a bunch of ‘cute hairs’ with satanic legends. All this was burned at the request of the owner of the farm.

After the crime was known, it was learned that Amed Bayona had sent videos and photos of his dead children to people who, according to him, did not help him in the past.

In the midst of the shock, the witness called line 123 and reported what had happened. After 10 minutes, the police arrived and, based on a photo, carried out a lockdown plan in Zipaquirá. And after a few minutes, the man was found walking on the road to Cajicá. He immediately accepted that he had murdered his children and told the police that he already knew they were coming for him.

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