The peak and plate in Bogotá returns this September 22. It will be from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 8:30 am and from 3 pm to 7:30 pm and has several news. Among them, a new alternative to not have this restriction: ‘Pay the’ Pico y Placa Solidario ‘.

Here’s how this program works:

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The ‘Pico y Placa Solidario’ is an option to avoid having a pick and a badge in Bogotá in exchange for making economic and social compensation.

Paying a fee of 2’066,200 pesos, the person will have the right to travel without a peak and license plate for a period of six months. But, in addition to the payment, you will have to make a social compensation (which we will explain later).

How to pay to avoid having a pick and plate?

1. Login a

When entering for the first time, the system will ask you to see (complete) a video that highlights the impacts on mobility, environment and road safety that the use of the private car brings and, in addition, it offers other mobility options. When the video ends, you are allowed to enter the platform.

2. Choose the option ‘Make your request’ and then ‘Start your Registry’.

3. Register as a natural or legal person and fill out the form with the requested data (Only the owner / tenant of the vehicle can apply).

This is the instructions for a natural person

This is the instructions for a legal entity

3. Pay electronically (PSE) or manually (payroll).

4. Authenticate your identity: You will have to answer some questions that only the owner / tenant of the vehicle is able to answer.

5. Take the virtual course (if you are a natural person): is a four-module course that will make the driver aware of the effects of inefficient use of the private car. The course lasts 20 minutes and, to pass, you must answer a questionnaire.

6. Next, you will need to choose and perform a social compensation activity. At the moment, you can consult the offer of available activities.

Only until all these steps are completed, the Ministry of Mobility will give you the endorsement to transit in peak and plate.

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What papers should I have up to date?

The Mobility Secretariat platform will check in the RUNT that the SOAT
and the technical-mechanical revision of the vehicle of the registered plate are in force.

In addition, the owner or tenant of the vehicle must be safe and sound in terms of fines and / or subpoenas.

For which vehicles does the ‘Pico y Placa Solidario’ apply?

“The permit will be available for private service cars, registered inside and outside Bogotá, that apply the restriction measure known as Pico y Placa”, indicates the Ministry of Mobility.

What will be done with the money raised?

The resources will be an alternative source of financing for the Sitp (Integrated Public Transport System).

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