The Bogotá Aqueduct and Sewer Company will do maintenance work this week. Therefore, some neighborhoods may be without service for a few hours.

In this note we mention what they are:

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Wednesday July 22


El Chicó: From 88th street to 100th street, between Carrera 7 to Carrera 11. – From 10: am (24 hours).


Antonio José de Sucre and Villa Israel: From 97A South Street to 116A South Street, between Carrera 2 Este to Carrera 5 Este. – From 10 am (24 hours).

Centro Usme: From 128 South Street to 139 South Street, between Carrera 3 to Carrera 2 Este.
– From 10 am (24 hours).


Estrada: From Calle 72 to Calle 66, between Carrera 68 to Carrera 70. – From 8 am (24 hours).


Palermo: From Calle 40 to Calle 53, between Carrera 14 to Carrera 19 – From 8 am (24 hours).

Thursday, July 23

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Las Mercedes 1, Tuna Baja and Villa Hermosa: From 153rd Street to 17th Street, between Carrera 104 to Carrera 109 – From 10 am (24 hours).


Boyacá: From Calle 63 to Calle 68, between Carrera 72 to Carrera 77A – From 8 am (24 hours).

Aranda Bridge

Los Ejidos and Gorgonzola: From Carrera 36 to Carrera 50, between Calle 6 to Calle 13 – From 10 am (24 hours).


Marichuela and Valles de Cafam: From Calle 73D Sur to Calle 94 Sur, between Carrera 2 Este to Carrera 4 – From 8 am (5 pm).


Codito, Buenavista, Horizonte Norte, La Estrellita, Tibabita, El Rocío Norte and Bosque de María: From 170th Street to 193st Street, between Carrera 6A East to Carrera 7 Avenue – From 9 am (23 hours).

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Friday, July 24


Chicó Norte and Chicó Norte 2nd Sector: From 88th Street to 100th Street, between Carrera 8 to Carrera 15 – From 10 am (24 hours).

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